The History


Disneyland's Lowchens


You are probably wondering how it came about that we became breeders.

Well I believe I had little choice as I had inherited a genetic predispostion for it from my grandfather. Around 1840 my grandfather bred dogs for the affix "Cäser und Minka". It had a royal warrant for the breeding and was known around the globe. It gained gold and silver state awards for exports to South Africa, South America, Brazil, Java and Rome. It bred 50 breeds including small luxury dogs for ladies, and so I assume it had Lowchens, which were very popular at the time.

My father bred great danes and scottish terriers and participated in Germany's first dog show in Leipzig in 1949. This show showcased the dogs who had survived the second world war. Later he bred west highland and yorshire terriers and poodles. His poodle breeding continued through into the 1980's. I picked up where my father left off. Having learnt all I could from my father I found I was good at gauging what a dog is about.

Living in the former East Germany I took an intensive one year course to become a breed warden for a number of breeds, and was responsible for checking the litters of a large geographic area.

My own breeding ran very well and my showing too.

Suddenly the Berlin wall came crashing down, two countries were reunited and the whole world was available to me waiting to be conquered, a challenge I chose to accept.

Our little family consists of my husband, two daughters and a hoard of Lowchens, a persian cat, a grey parrot and 2 hairless guinea pigs. The children grew up with dogs and cats and so learnt to take on responsbility and duties. And so, working together we climbed upwards and upwards right to the top where we are now, and hope to remain for quite some time. We believe that breeding to standard with healthy, happy and well socialised dog, combined with our wealth of experience entitles us to be where we are today.

In short:

Although our Lowchens have made it round the globe doing well for their owners, we haven't quite followed my grandfathers footsteps.

It is, and shall remain only a hobby for us.